My Top 5 Tips To Get Out Of A Reading Slump

Hey Guys!!

Like many others I have experienced one of a bibliophile’s worst nightmares… The dreaded reading slump. Where you finish a book and feel like no book could ever compete with that book… Where you feel as though you will never be able to read the same way again… imageHave no fear for I am going to give my top 5 tips on how to ditch that slump! Please be aware that I  have made most of these tips up so some may work for you some may not, everybody is different so allow yourself to try each one until your find one that works for you!

My Top 5 Tips Are…

Tip 1 ~ Okay when you hit a reading slump the best thing to do is to NOT force yourself to read. No matter how hard you try it will only lessen your motivation due to the pressure you put on yourself. As much as you fear to do it stop reading!! Give yourself some time to relax and you will soon feel the urge to read again in your own time!!

Tip 2 ~ A great way to pre-occupy yourself when in a reading slump is to spend some time watching your favourite TV shows instead of trying to read. It allows yourself a break and also helps in getting your motivation to read again quicker – just don’t make the mistake of starting a 4+ series long show as that will have the opposite effect!!

Tip 3 ~ Another great way to ease yourself out of a book slump is to spend time doing something you enjoy i.e writing, drawing, painting, listening to music. It helps in relaxing and taking your mind of the slump which helps in getting you out of it. Thinking less about something makes it easier to overcome. Sometimes overthinking kills.

Tip 4 ~ Something I personally find very helpful in overcoming a book slump is pausing my currently reading book and reading a short story. I found it helps me in getting back my motivation to read as a short story isn’t very long which makes it a lot easier to read making me feel accomplished when I’d finished it. This in turn allows me to return to my current read and continue to read with ease. (This might not work for everyone it’s just a personal preference).

Tip 5 ~ Lastly, to anyone in a reading slump do not fear it!! “The only thing stronger than fear is fear itself”. Embrace it as a possibility to reinvent yourself. Try something new that you haven’t tried before!!! You will feel ready to read again in your own time and you need to allow yourself to have that time.

I hope that these become useful to many of you reading.. Please comment and let me know if any of these tips work for you or if you havering different tips to get out of a reading slump 🙂

Thankyou For Reading xo

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One thought on “My Top 5 Tips To Get Out Of A Reading Slump

  1. aentee @ read at midnight

    Great tips Becca, another thing I find that helps with reading slump is just to start another book! But very important post, as I think blogging often drags you into reading slumps.

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