Hey guys!!!

Soooo my friends Katrine (@bookish.insta on Instagram) , Rahya (@biblio.philia on Instagram) , Hailee (@thesebooklions on Instagram) and I are hosting our very first Read Along!!

We will be reading Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. The Read Along will be from  August 10th – September 6th 2015. To take part you will be required to get a copy of the book (paperback, hardback, ebook whichever you like) to Read Along with us. We will be setting chapter goals for each week and at the end of the week hosting a discussion about what we have read so far and how we are finding the book. There may even be a few suprises towards the end of the Read Along😉

The Reading Schedule 

To make it easy for everyone to keep up and on track with the read along we will be splitting the book into chapters to read each week. Each week we will read 7 chapters which is a chapter a day!!  This makes it easy for anyone with a hectic schedule to keep on track with us 🙂

Week 1 (10/08/15 to 16/08/15) ~  We will be reading Chapters 1 to 7

Week 2 (17/08/15 to 23/08/15) ~  We will be reading Chapters 8 to 14

Week 3 (24/08/15 to 30/08/15) ~ We will be reading Chapters 15 to 21

Week 4 (31/08/15 to 06/09/15) ~ We will be reading chapters 22 to 28 plus the Epilogue

The Weekly Discussions

At the end of each week we will be hosting discussions on the chapters we have just read and how we are finding the book. These discussions will be hosted on our Goodreads group #RedQueenReadAlong.

All you need to do to get involved is…

  • Get your hands on a copy of the book
  • Find us on Instagram & follow us to keep in the loop @beccareadsbooks @bookish.insta @biblio.philia @thesebooklions
  • Share with your friends that you are doing the #RedQueenReadAlong
  • Find our Goodreads group #RedQueenReadAlong and become a member
  • Wait till the 10th of August to start reading along


(Please note the usernames on the poster are our Instagram usernames)


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