Buzzfeed – What new book shall you read this fall Quiz

So I saw this on Buzzfeed and since fall is upon us I immediately decided to do it as a tag on my blog! This quiz is super fun and fast as well as being an interesting way to discover the new books available to buy this fall. Link to the quiz is at the bottom of this post!!


1. Where would you most enjoy spending fall?

  • Southern U.S
  • Southern California
  • London
  • Seattle
  • Berlin
  • Poland
  • Sri Lanka
  • On a Road Trip across America
  • New Jersey



2. What is your ideal fall activity?

  • Playing Backgammon
  • Bonding with your family
  • inheriting a house
  • getting your life together
  • meeting an old friend
  • starting a new relationship
  • being part of a love triangle
  • fighting for your freedom
  • fighting for your survival



3. Pick a number.

  • 208
  • 304
  • 352
  • 320
  • 368
  • 272
  • 288
  • 416
  • 308



4. Pick some orchard apples.

The reason I picked this is because I really loved the skirt 😂…



5. Have some Pumpkin Pie.

I honestly have never tried pumpkin pie but this one looked delicious…


And the Book I got was…..

Swing Time By Zadie Smith

enhanced-23483-1472670306-3In Zadie Smith’s new novel “Swing Time”, two black girls grow up aspiring to be dancers but only one has talent, creating a rift between them as they go on to lead separate lives. Set across West Africa and London, Swing Time is a sweeping, energetic tale of a complex friendship that speaks to the ways in which our roots and childhood relationships can have a hold on us even later on in life. Publication date: Nov. 15

To take this quiz on buzzfeed click HERE


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